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Hollywood Lights 10K

Cinecraft still has some 6 of these 10,000-watt Mole-Richardson lights with Fresnel lenses.  This 10K Mole-Richardson light, and stand, #6, weighs about 140 lbs. The fixture head weighs 94 lbs.  The lens and front housing weighs 20 lbs.  The Tripod legs with wheels withs 26 lbs.  This fixture has the factory original classic Mole-Richardson maroon paint.

To “light it up” I simply put a light silver reflector shop light inside the fixture and fished the plug out the back.  You could easily do the same.  Put it on a dimmer and you have sheer Old-Hollywood era romance.

Your ultra-cool screening room should have one of these Hollywood conversation starters.

For local pick-up only.  Price $950.00.